What’s lurking under your carpets?

When you move house it is important to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. As we moved into our new house in rural Dorset, just to the north of the Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch conurbation. We knew that all the carpets had been replaced in the last year or two. New carpets or flooring was a cost we were glad that we would not need to immediately incur.

Carpets and Underlay

The majority of the downstairs rooms are carpet with underlay, although the hallway has wood flooring, with a small carpet rug matching the stair carpet. Fitted carpets existed in all the bedrooms and the bathrooms all have tiled floors that looked like they are ceramic tiles in nature.

The object of the exercise was to move in and then redecorate at leisure to personal taste.
It was only when we were discussing flooring options in the dinning room that we noticed that it also had a wooden floor, that’s two in the house. It had obviously not seen floor sanding or floor polishing for some years and we discussed covering it with a carpet tiles, but couldn’t decide what to do.

It was clear that we might need some advice from someone who knew about floors. Searching the web, we came across Flooring Elegance at Three Legged Cross. We arranged for someone to call round and give us some advice on our wooden floors. The chap from Flooring Elegance arrived as arranged, and after giving the floors the once over remarked that it was a good quality wooden parquet floor. When he looked at the dining room floor his comments were similar, except for utterances of about skimming, buffing and floor polishing to bring them back to their original state.

Wood Flooring

When looking at the carpeted floor in the lounge he lifted the corner and pointed out that the same wood flooring had been continued throughout that room as well, but had been covered by a fitted carpet. It didn’t take us long to arrange to have that carpet lifted and all the wooden floors brought back to there original state with much skimming buffing and floor polishing. So in the end we did not escape the added expense of flooring, but instead of carpets we now have some very high quality wood flooring that would have cost considerably more that either carpet or the cost of having them cleaned. This is proof that you should know what is lurking under your carpet.

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