Karndean, Altro, Polyflor or Amtico for your floor? – Part 2

Anyone reading this article without reading the previous article will probably wonder what I am babbling about. So, just to recap. During the process of buying vinyl flooring, I had been asked about Karndean, Altro, Polyflor and Amtico, also the question of how I would like to complete the desired effect on my floor.

There are any number of effects that can be incorporated into your vinyl tile floor. We call them strips and they are placed between tiles to create a natural or grouting effect or to enhance the overall design of your floor.”

In part one I outlined in detail what was meant by ‘strips’ and in this part I will outline my new knowledge of understanding what is meant by borders.

Karndean, Altro, Polyflor and Amtico?

One other piece of information you may need in order to understand this article is that I had chosen Karndean vinyl tiles for my new floor.

Borders were described to me as a way of adding personality to the floor. I think I commented something along the lines “that I wanted to walk on it, not get to know it” Needless to say borders appeared to be available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Tramline Borders

A simple and affordable way, to create an attractive and decorative edge around your floor. Tramlines are easily chosen and can be made up of a combination of designs.

Decorative Borders

These borders are more ornate and more complex in design. Certainly they add a great deal of style to your new floor.

Custom Made Borders

Knowing that a Karndean vinyl floor can have both personality and style by the inclusion of borders it should come as no surprise to learn that the expense of a custom made border makes it unique and individual.

My final decision was based on my original reasoning of cost and value for money. Do you know what I chose?

Taking into account everything I have learned Karndean, Altro, Polyflor and Amtico. I can now answer the original question Do you know how to complete the desired effect for your floor? Yes, I would like a tramline border with two close lines surrounding the whole floor.

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