Karndean, Altro, Polyflor or Amtico for your floor? – Part 1

I thought the decision as to what type of flooring came easily, Wrong, What type or make of floor? Aren’t they all the same? Wrong, there are any number of makes of manufacture, Karndean, Altro, Polyflor and Amtico to name but a few. When you are not a flooring expert, this question can seem to be nonsense, because to me the obvious answer was that once the vinyl tiles or flooring was laid wall to wall that was the effect that I wanted to achieve.

In the end, I was happy with my decision to use vinyl tiles. However, I was not prepared for the questions of how I would like to complete the desired effect on my floor. There are any numbers of effects that that can be incorporated into your vinyl tile floor. We call them strips and they are placed between tiles to create a natural or grouting effect or to enhance the overall design of your floor.

It transpired that there are design strips, feature strips and metallic strips. There are borders in the form of tramline decorative or custom-made borders. As if that wasn’t enough, some manufacturers have a complete range of borders in the form of an assortment of standard decorative tiles. These can be subtle light tones to distinct colour contrasts.

Have you ever experienced extreme confusion…?

As I looked at the Karndean vinyl tile I had selected for my new floor, I now needed to understand how to complete my desired effect.

Design Strips

As a decorative strip the most effective is a design strip, it will normally be cut from an actual tile or wood plank and needless to say there will be a versatile pallet of colours from which to choose.

Feature Strip

They come in a range of colours and can be used to give the effect of a natural grout line. By using them to create subtle borders or a ships checking effect.

Metallic Strips

They can give a contemporary feel to any floor and are normally offered in differing widths.

Still confused? I was. At this point I thought that cost was an element of my buying decision and I wanted a simple and affordable way of creating a decorative edging
around my room…

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